The advancement of the commerce and the science of being able to transact business of any scale at multiple locations, locally and globally is a phenomenon well served by the logistics and technology driven express courier industry and space.

MSK WORLDWIDE has the requisite credentials of pedigree and exposure to make the statement made above, an experience of happiness and reality. A team helmed by experienced industry individuals and professionals, expert and exposed to commit and deliver, across a diverse spectrum of locations and services, we are a neo age courier corporate, accessible to local demand in need, while practicing global standards of delivery processes and methods, to enable our esteemed clients the power of speed, time, value and happiness. Having a pan-India Physical Presence with Company Owned Offices in all important metro and urban locations.MSK WORLDWIDE is but a call away, to offer services to domestic and international locations, customised bulk mailing and deliveries, corporate mailers.

In a World which is transforming at a pace which is a challenge to scale and map, the logistics and express cargo is one such space and industry, that MSK WORLDWIDE has deligently kept the tempo of control and growth with connectivity being the buzz world and the core philosophy at MSK WORLDWIDE EXPRESS PRIVATE LIMITED.

To meet the demanding needs and feed aspirations to a diverse spectrum of clientele, and yet carve a niche in the competitive courier and corporate institutional segment, is what has made - MSK WORLDWIDE, a preffered service provider to a host of banking,telecom, 3PL, IT & FMCG industry clients to diverse independent and hospitality clientele all over india.

The team at MSK headed by a CEO and Founder, whose inclusive approach to tasks & challenges at hand, with a committed and professional perspective has also been a critical value component as much as the other Board members who have their genesis in the courier and cargo industry over the last 20 years, in various important positions, locations in india and overseas.

With time lines driven technology and processes that make the customer experience a transparent delight, the CRM Module at MSK WORLDWIDE is the customer centric tenent, to deliver value in a cure and trusted environment, and carry the reputation of goodwill from origin to destination.

With Offices in all important metro locations across the landscape, MSK WORLDWIDE also services international locations and delivers all over the globe. With track, trace and updating of transit schedules, and technology in harmony with a dedicated manpower, the emphasis to make the experience a seamless and enjoyable one.

Our bouquet of special products & services are offerings architected to suit and customise every possible need and demand and ensure the process to be controlled and conducted in an environment of exactitude. Hence our tagline - SECURE, TRUST, DELIVERED. The credo and the spirit of all our practises and commitment.

MSK WORLDWIDE with its company owned offices and equipped with a fleet of vehicles and technology, the future beckons an exciting phase of challenges and demands, for which we are prepared and look forward to the continued engagement of all our valued clients, associates and more importantly team members at MSK WORLDWIDE.


Customer Centric Value Experience, all round, from Origin to Destination Deliver Speed, Deliver Time, Deliver Value, Deliver Happiness Best practises to match global standards and needs.

To be the most dependable and transparent express courier corporate. To be Counted as a technology savvy enterprise with a passion for inclusive growth. New goals and objectives to meet the challenges of change from time to time.

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